On wheels

A unicycle and a whip tag along with Mona in this journey of laughter and amazement, of skill and clumsiness.
A body that speaks expressing everything, hushing the unconscious delusions of the mind.
A crack of the whip stops the world and, for a moment, everything ceases.
Transforming the ideas in your mind, she will captivate us with her sense of humour and her dexterity.

Technical sheet

On wheels
Suitable for all audiences
Gesture language
40 minutes
Minimum stage space required: 6 mt. x 6 mt. (metres)


Festivals & Tours


-Festival Santa Risa, La Pampa Argentina
-Festival Sarmede, il paese delle fiabe, Treviso, Italy
-Festival Kremnické Gagy, Slovakia
-Festival Zürcher Theater Spektakel, Switzerland
-Festival Berlin Lacht. Germany
-Biograd Street Festival, Croatia
-Festival Carnaval Sztukmistrzów Lúblin, Poland
-Festival Epicentrum Kultury Konin, Poland
-Festival Asfaltar Merano Italy
-Chuncheon Theatre Festival, South Korea
-Incheon Mime Festival, South Korea
- Third consecutive season with the show "On Wheel" on the Atlantic coast


- European tour
- Buskers Festival Wien, Austria
- Frivolus Festival Koper, Slovenia
- Flaniermeile Velden, Austria
- Kulturschiene, Salzburgo, Austria
- Szárnyas Sárkány Fesztivál - Winged Dragon Festival, Hungary
- Biograd street Festival, Croatia
- Residence with show in Salvador Bahia, Brazil
- Street & open theatre´s performances/Summer season, Atlantic Coast, Argentina (+50 shows)


- II Pico Ríe Festival, Argentina
- V FestiCirco Festival, Argentina
- On Wheels -Street & open theatre´s performances/Winter season, Atlantic Coast, Argentina
- On Wheels -Street performances/Summer season, Mar del Plata, Argentina (+50 shows)


- I E so Alegría Festival, Argentina
- XI Hazmerreir Festival, Mar del Plata, Argentina
- XXI Theatre Festival of Murphy, Santa Fé, Argentina
- Muruya & Mona Street performances/Summer season, Mar del Plata, Argentina (+70 shows)


- X Hazmereir Festival, Mar del Plata, Argentina
- IV Circohüe Festival, Pihué, Argentina
- VI Santa Risa Festival, La Pampa, Argentina
- IX Yo me río cuarto Festival, Córdoba, Argentina
- Muruya & Mona Street performances/Summer season, Mar del Plata, Argentina (+90 shows)
- Buenos Aires province´s tour for the children´s day celebration (12 shows)
- Winter season perform at the Unzué, Mar del Plata, Argentina


- IX Hazmerreir Festival, Mar del Plata, Argentina
- Muruya & Mona presentations: Unzué/ Tecnópolis/ Science &Culture National fair
- Punto & Coma Winter season at the City Theatre of Mar del Plata, Argentina
- Argentinean tour: participation in festivals around the country.


- Summer season, La Audacia, Mar del Plata, Argentina
- Pipo & Mona, street performances, summer season.


- Mamma Mia, France buskers tour
- Pipo & Mona/ Metropolitan Symphony - European Tour (Spain, France, Germany, Belgium, Netherlands)
- Pipo & Mona, Summer season, Baleares Islands, Spain


Luz Rodríguez Lozano,

is a circus artist, from Argentina. She comes from an artistic family both her parents are theatre actors. In 2006 she opens up to the circus scenario and starts taking courses and seminars.

She starts training and digging into group creations with other artists. In 2009 she does her first summer street season with the show Alto Voltaje in Mar del Plata, Argentina.

From 2010 to 2011 she performs the show Mamma Mia in different cities of France

From 2011 to 2013 she is part of the duo Pipo & Mona, they travel and perform in Argentina, Chile, Spain, France and Germany. In 2013 among other artist from the circus group Hazmerreir (Make-me –laugh) she is part of the creation of de theatre play Punto y Coma (Dot & coma).

In 2014 she creates with other artists the unicycler quintet Los Hermanos Ahu ( The Ahu´s brothers )inspired in traditional circus. In 2015 she is part of Muruya y Mona.

During these years she is also part of Circus Festivals, Conventions and Encounters either performing or giving workshops. In 2016 he created his show ''On Wheels'' performing seasons on the Atlantic coast, touring Latin American countries, touring countries in Europe and also in Asia. He is still working with his show.